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The CE SAIN housed in Cambodia’s RUA helps improve food and nutritional security in Cambodia by supporting agricultural research and education and promoting innovation. It works closely with RUA to improve the skills and knowledge of public sector agricultural workers and to foster growth in the private sector.

To meet this goal, the Center was established as a platform to allow scientists and practitioners to demonstrate their innovative agriculture technologies to citizens, policy makers, and donor agencies

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What We Do

On July 16th, 2020, USAID’s Ms. Laura Cizmo (with one USAID’s volunteer), and Mr. Sam Ouern Ke had a field visit to Rotanak Mondul District at Battambang province to follow up CASF project on the progress of practices of Conservation Agriculture, and demonstration site visited to maize farmers to learn about practice the agriculture technology mechanism, in particular on practicing by using tractor on the cover crops ensuring the increasing of soil and productivity.


We serves as a platform that facilitates the access of farmers, academia, private sector and other agricultural market actors to knowledge, information, technologies and innovations to ensure the dissemination of current best agricultural management practices​ and innovations.

Latest Events

CE SAIN of the Royal University of Agriculture has been partnered with various Feed the Future Innovation Labs (ILs) under USAID funded projects.